Breaking Through the Language Barrier

Many folks who have earned their Master’s degree are stuck where they are. The language barrier is a significant contributor to the problem. English has become a fundamental business language in many nations worldwide and an recognised mode of speech.

Many qualified people never advance in their careers because they become flustered when speaking to an audience in English. The great thing about learning English is that it takes little time. With the correct instruction, anyone can advance to an expert level.

Restore Your Self-Esteem:

For your professional and personal success, please consider the following details about our most popular language programmes:

Importance of Learning English:

It is the international language of business, travel, science, and technology. It is the language of the internet and media outlets around the World. The value of English cannot be overstated, whether for professional or personal reasons.

Learning English will make your life easier in almost any place. English is now the language of instruction in many K-12 and higher education institutions.It’s the third most common tongue. You can expect to be asked questions only in English anywhere you go for an interview.

Importance of Learning French:

One hundred twenty-five million people throughout all seven continents use French as either their primary or second language. If you want to improve your chances of communicating in a nation where the native language is not English, learning French is a good start.

Besides to being the official language of the United Nations. European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross, and international courts, French is also used as a working language in these organizations. If you want to work for a global firm, you must be fluent in French.

Importance of learning Arabic, Dubai:

You can improve your communication skills with both Arabs and Americans by learning Arabic. Learning Arabic will help you understand the Arab World and its many facets, including Islam. Knowing more about these will make you a more effective advocate for Arabs.

To graduate with a major in Arabic, students must prove superior competence in all four skills necessary for communicating in a foreign language. Such as in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

As we know that English is a spoken language in the World, many students who opt for higher studies must go through entrance exams in English. Let’s discuss the various entrance exam in Dubai:


As an abbreviation, “IELTS” means “International English Language Testing System.” Those considering relocation overseas for employment reasons will, of course, profit from this choice. If you’re learning the alphabet, this course is perfect. The four skills of hearing, reading, writing, and speaking are this course’s primary areas of study. Students of English can become self-reliant and fluent in the language in this way.

Students applying to schools in English-speaking countries and people seeking to immigrate to those countries both take the International English Language Testing System. Newcomers to the United States should take the General Training version of the IELTS rather than the Academic Training.

If you want to improve your English and get the results you want on the IELTS exam. Sign up for our IELTS Course here at Sahara Edu Live and get the motivation and guidance you need to do so. Sahara Edu Live offers Dubai’s most excellent IELTS preparation, located near Al Nahda. Since it is a test of language, it evaluates candidates’ ability to read, write, talk, and listen. Listening and speaking are taught in both general education and academic settings. The duration of the exam is two hours and 45 minutes. It consists of 40 minutes of listening, 1 hour of reading/writing, and 15 minutes of oral communication. Each of the two parts, reading and listening, has 40 questions and is worth one grade. There are two assignments for the writing section and three for the speaking section.


Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is the official name of this test. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) evaluates candidates’ reading comprehension and writing skills in English. It’s vital since standardized exam scores are a common need for international students applying to colleges in the United States.

So, competitive standardized test results are essential to enter U.S. colleges and universities. This course will give you the grounding in English-speaking cultures you need to thrive there. Sahara Edu Live is the best TOEFL training institute in Al Nahda, Dubai, and can help you achieve your goals of taking the test.

The first three parts of this module need learners to listen to a question, plan an answer, and then present it to an audience.

Students must read three or four academic articles and respond to many questions about what they’ve read in the Speaking section of the exam.

Test takers’ essay writing skills are measured by the essay writing subsection of the Writing test. The goal is to combine what you’ve learned in the Listening and Reading sections.


The Graduate Management Admission Test is not a language exam. Language skill is not required to do anything, but it is on the list. According to the course framework, students will be tested on and prepared for their skill. It is in reading comprehension, mathematics, oral communication, analytical reasoning, and written expression. All these fields have accessible curricula that might be pretty demanding. Students who take the time to prepare for the Graduate Management Admission Test can rest assured that they will do well on the exam.


The IQ of a pupil is quantified using standardized testing. Students striving for more than a passing grade should take this exam. The higher the grades, the wider the doors at the elite schools. Pre-university students who hope to enroll in an undergraduate programme take the SAT I. Like the SAT I, the SAT II is required for university admission for those with advanced degrees.

VISA requirements often include passing an English language test, such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Test of Academic English (TOEFL). But the point of these classes isn’t to achieve good grades; it’s to ensure everyone has the tools they need to speak confidently and fluently. Therefore, rather than focusing on speeding through customs, you should train for the actual thing. Sahara Edulive in Dubai is the leading platform that takes students on a journey where they can learn and reflect on their weaknesses in a safe environment.

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