Smart Student Programmes are what the Sahara Edu Live in Dubai is all about. For your child’s optimal development at each developmental milestone, we provide a carefully curated selection of programmes and courses developed by our team of experts.

Sahara Edu Live is now offering classes in Abacus, phonetics, handwriting, and language.

Abacus Classes in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

The Abacus is a frameset with bars and balls for quick mental arithmetic calculations. The Abacus is an ancient tool for quick arithmetic calculations that has been in use for centuries. Your children’s problem-solving and numeracy skills will benefit from an introduction to the Abacus.

The goal of the Abacus Classes for Kids in Dubai is to help them significantly improve their mental arithmetic. Your child’s memory will benefit from learning maths with an abacus. It does more than boost computation speed; it also sharpens their minds. The use of an abacus by children in Dubai has been shown to improve a wide range of cognitive abilities, from focus and memory to problem-solving and imagination.

Abacus Classes Dubai

Phonics classes in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

Best Tuition Center for Kids in Al Nahda

Academic skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening! These four words are crucial to our everyday existence and language acquisition. Therefore, it is essential to begin developing these abilities at an early age.

One of the best ways to teach these skills is through phonics. They have been used successfully for over a decade in international schools like Sahara Edu Live to educate young children to read.

Handwriting Classes in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

One of the most important talents in life is being able to write legibly. Thus, it’s important to start practising early on. Do you want to assist your child to develop more legible handwriting in a method that is easy, engaging, and enjoyable?

The best solution for it is Sahara Edu Live Training Institute. We will work with your child at their speed to develop good handwriting and fluency in cursive. It has increased students’ sense of competence and academic success. Therefore, we leverage our knowledge of motor development to instruct kids on producing more legible handwriting.

Handwriting Classes

Language Training Classes in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

Language Training

It’s crucial to begin language learning at a young age. The earlier you begin, the more material you can memorise. Your children can learn a new language quickly and easily because of the classes’ emphasis on interaction. They will remain engaged and active through language games and exams.

We’re very pleased to introduce you to our team of highly-qualified, native-speaking educators.

We must remember that various abacus schools may use varying pedagogical approaches and course materials. Some programmes may incorporate visualisation strategies, games, and competitions to make learning more interesting and fun for kids.

Why these courses are important for kids?

Your child’s skills and talents can only grow through exposure to high-quality education. The Abacus, Phonics, Handwriting, and Language courses for kids at Sahara Edu Live Institute can help instil creativity and foster skills in your child. Here at our facility, we work with children to improve their powers of observation. Teaching the next generation will help them develop more original and disciplined thought processes.

How is Sahara Edu Live helping the kids?

Children who have a solid grounding from an early age are better able to learn and grow. To help them learn, we at Sahara Edu Live in Dubai give them real-world examples of our methods in action. Using memory cards and flashcards as a basis for guided activities, our skilled tutors can ensure that each child receives attention. We also continue to give tuition to those who want to gain more knowledge.