Phonics classes in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

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Academic skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening! These four words are crucial to our everyday existence and language acquisition. Therefore, it is essential to begin developing these abilities at an early age.

One of the best ways to teach these skills is through phonics. They have been used successfully for over a decade in international schools like Sahara Edu Live to educate young children to read.

Phonics classes for Kids:

Phonics is a system for teaching young children to read and write by associating the various sounds in English with their corresponding written forms. It’s all about connecting the written word and its aural representation. The letter k, for instance, can be represented by the letters c, k, ch, and ck.

Children can study one of four distinct phonics approaches.

Synthetic Phonics:

It’s the gold standard of phonics programmes for kids just starting school. Phonemes (sounds) connected to certain graphemes (letters) are uttered separately before being synthesised (combined) as part of the synthetic phonics technique of teaching reading and writing.

In-Depth Phonics Analysis:

Reading instruction based on this phonics approach does not have students practise reading by pronouncing individual phonemes corresponding to individual graphemes.

Phonics by Analogy:

In this approach, kids are taught to take in a word as a whole before breaking it down into its onset and rime.

Embedded Phonics:

The Embedded phonics approach teaches children to read as and when needed. The teacher reads aloud to the class and uses teaching moments to show the kids how to decode words. The emphasis is on reading as it is done in everyday life.

Benefits of Phonics Classes Dubai for Kids:

  • Boosts Children’s Reading Ability
  • Facilitates the Growth of Vocabulary
  • Provides a Jump Start on Academics
  • Aids in Overcoming Obstacles to Education