The ability to communicate in a second language is one of the best investments you can make in your future success. Sahara Edu Live has created a variety of Language Courses; students can enroll in whichever one most interests them.

Confidently Expressing Oneself:

Languages like English, Arabic, French and countless others are spreading over the globe. It’s a burden to keep going when you move to a new location. Learning a language like this is essential for staying put and surviving.

Do you feel that your skill in your preferred language has delayed your advancement in any way?

Join Sahara for the next level of your education and take advantage of our flexible scheduling and one-on-one instruction. Your learning experience has been crafted with features like adaptable scheduling, weekly assessments, and individualized assignments.

Positives of Studying a New Language:

  • Multilingualism boosts memory.
  • Improves analytical and decision-making abilities
  • It helps multitask
  • Improved focus and attention lead to enhanced listening abilities.
  • There are opportunities for employment in a variety of countries.
  • Enhances one’s imaginative capacity

Spoken English Classes in Dubai:

Spoken English Language Courses from Sahara Edu Live are designed to improve English fluency and confidence. English is a global language that everyone must master to communicate. We’re offering a focus on building speaking skills. Lessons cover active vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, intonation, conversational gambits, etc at our spoken English classes in Dubai.

Spoken English in Dubai

French Classes in Dubai:

Best French Speaking classes in Al Nahda

Join our French language classes in Dubai to improve your French skills. As the national language of 29 nations across 5 continents, French has a total of over 235 million native speakers. With its status as the earliest surviving vernacular variety of Latin, the literary history of this language dates back to the 11th century. It is the international business language and has a significant impact on fields as diverse as film, art, fashion, and industry today. Our French classes in Dubai will broaden your horizons in more ways than one by introducing you to a new language.

Arabic Classes in Dubai:

Our 12-level Arabic certificate curriculum emphasizes conversational skills, reading (including the alphabet), and fundamental grammar. The curriculum is built around Standard Arabic but also includes conversational training in Arabic varieties used in Lebanon, Syria, the Gulf, Egypt, and other countries. Learning Arabic in Dubai with us will increase your horizons in more ways than one. We divide the students into smaller groups of 3–5 (and no more than 10) for each class. You can pick from three different lengths of time for our course: 20 hours, 30 hours, or 40 hours.

Spoken Arabic Course in Dubai

Course Objectives:

  • To master trainees’ comprehension of spoken language utilized in meetings, and presentations. Mainly at conferences, and professional/business talks.
  • To improve business vocabulary.
  • To help students speak in business contexts such as negotiations, talks with colleagues and clients. We also help in oral presentations, and phone calls.
  • Analyze trainee speech assignments to exercise an analytical approach.
  • To improve business grammar.
  • Improve trainees’ self-confidence and presentation abilities when presenting company concepts.
  • We track their words to a big group.

What the Trainee Will Learn in This Course:

  • Get the skills necessary to organize their presentations. Including using professional English, French and Arabic languages. It helps to manage the substance of their speeches and their physical delivery.
  • Enhance their telephone skill.
  • Improve their communication skills and how to negotiate in English, French or Arabic language.
  • Improve and perfect their abilities to communicate via the telephone.
  • Learn the proper Business language structures for disagreeing/agreeing. For reporting, asking for opinions, complaining, negotiating, etc.
  • Learn to distinguish between the British and American business varieties of English.
  • Get a greater understanding of body language. Especially in pronunciation, and intonation’s role in verbal and written communications.

Please sign up with us so that we can provide you with a free trial lesson in the language(s) of your choice. At Sahara Edu Live, we want to be there for you from the very beginning to the point where you have a firm grasp of the language.