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We teach both intermediate and advanced levels of “Classical” Arabic to non-Arabic speakers. We have instructors who are both native to the Arabic language and have extensive experience in Dubai.

The culture of Arabic Language Courses Dubai is fascinating. Becoming fluent in the language will allow you to interact with others.

  • General and TLS Exam Prep
  • Grammar lessons
  • In particular, certain letters have many pronunciations. Regional variations in how words are pronounced.
  • Teach dialect-specific vocabulary and phrases.
  • Teaching Slang terms and phrases for conversation.

Join our Arabic language institute in Dubai and become fluent in the Arabic language. If you want to learn Arabic, our team of expert language tutors is here to help you. In Sahara Edulive language courses in Dubai, we impart useful strategies and insights. It is to make the subject more interesting and entertaining for students of all backgrounds.

Reading (including the alphabet) and basic grammar are emphasised throughout our 12-level Arabic certificate programme. Standard Arabic is the programme’s foundation. Students also receive conversational instruction in Arabic dialects spoken in Lebanon, Syria, the Gulf, Egypt, and elsewhere. Expand your horizons in more ways than one by studying Arabic language courses in Dubai with us. We put each class’s pupils into groups of three to five (and no more than ten). Our course is offered in 20, 30, and 40-hour durations to suit your needs.

The Benefits of learning Arabic in Dubai

We offer instruction at the intermediate and advanced levels of “Classical” Arabic to non-Arabic speakers. Our staff includes teachers who are fluent in Arabic and who have lived and worked in Dubai for years.

Dubai, where Arabic classes are offered, has a rich culture. Learning the language will improve your social interactions.

Improve students’ understanding and participation in group discussions and presentations. It helps during business meetings and conferences.

  • – To broaden one’s vocabulary in the corporate world.
  • – To better equip students for communication in professional settings, such as meetings, presentations, and negotiations. We assist with phone calls and presentations as well.
  • – Apply your analytical skills by analysing the speeches your students have been assigned to write.
  • – Purpose of bettering business grammar.
  • – Enhance students’ self-assurance and public-speaking skills in preparation for presentations of company concepts.
  • – We’ve linked their collective utterances.
Spoken Arabic Course in Dubai
Spoken Arabic Course in Dubai

What the Trainee Will Learn in This Course:

  • – Learn to plan their presentations. It includes speaking Arabic in a business context. It’s useful for controlling both the content and delivery of their speeches.
  • – Help them get better at using the phone.
  • – Develop their ability to communicate and bargain in Arabic.
  • – Become more proficient at using the phone for conversation.
  • – Figure out how to express your disagreement and agreement in business jargon. Useful for communicating news, seeking feedback, airing grievances, bargaining, etc.
  • – Learn to read and respond to nonverbal cues. In particular, the importance of tone in both spoken and written communication.
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    Our Arabic classes in Dubai are led by qualified instructors fluent in the language and native speakers. The goal is for pupils to read and write Arabic with greater ease. We also provide private English lessons, either in-person or online, besides to our public classes.
    The most important thing for your Arabic teacher to do is to help you practise conversations. Alo, we will focus on expanding your Arabic vocabulary. We use the correct language since Arabic classes are tailored to each student’s needs. You can get targeted help with accent modification, phrase learning, and word acquisition.