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Listening to our students’ needs is essential to creating a world-class English language institute in Dubai. We’ve found that many prefer to learn from teachers with British or American accents.

Do you feel that your skill in English hinders you in any way?

Step up your education with Sahara Edulive language courses in Dubai. Where you may take convenient, individualised programmes at your own pace. With your success in mind, we’ve designed adaptable schedules. Also, weekly evaluations, and customised study strategies.

Course Benefits

  • – Perfect your pronunciation and delivery with the help of native best language training teachers.
  • –The Most Up-to-Date Curriculum and Exam Plan.
  • – Communicative language instruction is an effective method of instruction. It prepares students to utilise English in meaningful, real-world contexts.
  • – Blended learning is an educational strategy that mixes online and face-to-face components.
  • – Each classroom has state-of-the-art learning technology, including interactive whiteboards and big, high-definition screens.
  • – Using an integrated skills approach can help you gain fluency in reading, writing, and other language abilities more easily.
Spoken English
Spoken English

What the Trainee Will Learn in This Course:

  • –Master the techniques of successful presentation organisation. It includes using professional English and managing one’s own speech content and body language.
  • – Get better at communicating via phone.
  • – Improve their interpersonal skills and English negotiating abilities.
  • – Increase their phone skills training and mastery.
  • – Discover the proper Business English structures to use while disagreeing/agreeing. Also for reporting, asking for opinions, complaining, negotiating, etc.
  • – Apply what you’ve learned in the course to real-world scenarios to minimise the impact of slang. Understand the poor pronunciation, and grammatical errors.
  • –Learn the key distinctions between the American and British business English varieties.
  • – Encourage them to improve public speaking and presentation skills. Skills such as body language, pronunciation, and intonation.
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    Our English language courses in Dubai, taught by native-speaking teachers with years of experience. It’s designed to help students become more fluent in spoken and written English. Besides to public classes, we offer private lessons in English, either in person or via the Internet.
    Your private English tutor’s primary focus should be on conversation practise. Also, on proper English grammar usage, and vocabulary development. Since English lessons target to the individual student’s needs. You can ask for specific help in areas like reducing your accent, learning practical phrases, and increasing your vocabulary.